Resumption tokens for OAI Harvesting

  • I've tested harvesting metadata by OAI-PMH in Greenstone 2.80 and 3.03, but I the system doesn't use resumption tokens for large collections. It stops after the first request and doesn't continue.

    Is this a known feature, a bug or something I have messed up?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Katherine Don
      Katherine Don


      Just to clarify, are you using GLI to download OAI records from another OAI server? Or are you trying to serve OAI using Greenstone?

      I think that Greenstone supports resumption tokens when serving OAI, but not when harvesting.

      If you like, you can send an example of what you are trying to do, eg server URL and request, and we can try it here.

      If you are harvesting using greenstone, can you turn off resumptions tokens and just get all the records? Is this something we need to add to our code?