#10 Drop Shadows - Patch for 2635032 and 1844937

Robin Krom
Werner, Wolfgang

This is the patch to Issue 2635032. It adds subtle drop shadows to lines, arrows, ellipses and rectangles.

Two screen shots w/ and w/o drop shadows are attached as well.

The user preference to toggle drop shadows requested in 1844937 is not yet implemented but this should be fairly easy.

The patch is in unified format, the patches to all three changed classes are contained in one patch file. If this is inconvenient for you, please let me know.


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  • Patches

  • File Added: original.png

  • Some shapes w/o drop shadows, taken w/ 0.7beta

  • Similar shapes w/ drop shadows

  • File Added: patched.png

  • This patch also adds the possibility to toggle drop shadows

    • summary: Drop Shadows - Patch for 2635032 and partly 1844937 --> Drop Shadows - Patch for 2635032 and 1844937
  • I also added the possibility to toggle the drop shadows on selected shapes.
    The patch is attached but I have actually no idea how to integrate the button image. I used shape_move_forwards.png from the famfamfam silk icon set.

    As I mentioned, I am totally inexperienced in using c# and VS. Please let me know if there is a smarter way to submit patches. I'm pretty confident the first one works out ok. The second one is more complex and contains generated UI code, I'm not sure whether it can be smoothly integrated.

    Totally looking forward to getting feedback.
    File Added: dropShadow2.patch

  • Drop shadow toggle button and some shapes w/ and w/o shadows

  • File Added: toggleDropShadows.png

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