#738 Automate Word destination location



I've been using Greenshot for quite a while now, and as part of application install/config to our servers, we record screenshots step-by-step, for future reference.

These screenshots are sent to a Word document directly, but every time I take a new shot, I have to select whether this is going to the open document, say 'Document1' (the default name of a new doc), or to a new document altogether 'Microsoft Word'.

I'd like to ask for the option to be able to disable this feature and have Greenshot direct the screenshots to Document1 by default each time, without being prompted.

Would this be at all possible, or better still... is this feature already available somewhere and I've overlooked it?!

Many thanks and keep up the good work. :)



  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    Hello Tom,

    Currently this is not possible.
    Although the change to the code to work like that would be easy, it currently is very time consuming to add a switch to the settings GUI for it. And we would need a switch, not everybody wants the word export to behave like that.

    Currently we have decided to wait with changes to the settings, as we are completely rewriting Greenshot and have a new settings concept. Greenshot 1.2, which should come soon, has a few more tools in the editor but no changes to the settings.

    As soon as we finish rewriting Greenshot, this would be Greenshot 2, we will add some new features. We are considering session captures, all go to the same destination. Or a history where one can export multiple captures to one destination.

    Best wishes,