#657 Machine Policy - greenshot.ini

Jan Berger

In the momement the settings (greenshot.ini) generated in the user section.
Is it possible to make a variant for machine, maybe in the %programfiles% folder?
And make in install-parameter for this machine-policy?
The reason is, the user can change the "greenshot.ini" in the actually version.

Thanks for the good work, i really like the greenshot app!


  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    Hello Jan,

    You can control in detail which settings are changeable by the user, by using additional ini files. See here: http://getgreenshot.org/faq/what-is-the-best-way-to-control-greenshots-configuration-at-install-time/

    Please have a look at the information, and if there are any questions let us know.

    In Greenshot 2 (coming next year) it will be a lot clearer for the user which settings can be changed.

    Best wishes,

  • Jan Berger
    Jan Berger

    Hello Robin

    Thanks for your answer!

    When I delete the "Greenshot-fixed.ini" in %appfolder%, then I can change the settings.
    In the programfiles-folder or in the machine-registry, the user can't change the settings without admin-privileges. I think that is a good feature for companies, because the users always want to change something in the settings.

    I'm looking forward to next yeah. I'm excited about the new version.


  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    Hi Jan,

    just to be clear, you can place only those settings you don't want the user to modify in the fixed ini. All settings that are not available there, the user can change and those will be written to the users own greenshot.ini (which is stored in the roaming user directory, so the settings are available on every PC he uses).

    This way a system admin can specify filenames, locations, plugin settings while the user can still use it's own preferences for the other settings.

    Settings specified in the defaults file (can be in the exe directory like the fixed) will be set initially for every user user, but as they are just defaults the user can still change them.

    We thought this gives more flexibility, and as we don't use the registry it doesn't conflict with our portable installer.

    Best wishes,

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    Hi guys,

    Just to throw in an additional info.
    Jan, it seems to me that you did not see the part where the FAQ entry says that Greenshot also looks for configuration files in its installation directory (2nd paragraph).

    If the user does not have admin privileges, I think he should not be able to delete the file in there...

    Best regards,