Greenshot as 32-bit on 64-bit OS to use OCR


  • Anonymous

    It seems that on a 64-bit OS the OCR function doesn't work. I've installed Greenshot 1.0.6 2228 on a W7-x64 machine with 32-bit Office 2007 but i can't use the OCR function. On another W7-x64 machine with Office 2007 and Greenshot 0.8.1 it works like a charm.
    How can i start Greenshot 1.0.6 as an 32-bit application and use OCR or how to use the OCR in the 64-bit OS environment?

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    We especially made sure that we don't have a problem with OCR caused by running 64 or 32 bit by calling a small executable which is 32 bit from Greenshot. This was tested successfully, so there must be a different issue!

    Let is check together:
    1) you have office 2007, check
    2) you installed MODI while installing Office 2007?
    3) did you select the OCR plugin?
    4) do you release that the OCR hotkey is gone? OCR is now a destination can is accessible from the dynamic destination picker or you can select it as the primary destination. In a later Greenshot version we will make it possible to get a similar behavior as the old 0.8.1, you can configure what key press does what.

    Let me know if this helps!?

    Best wishes,