Default & other printer prefs give unsatisfactory / unexpected results

  • Brittney Smith
    Brittney Smith

    Greenshot 1.1-2437 in Vista x64. By default, in GS Prefs>Printer, both Shrink & Enlarge to fit page are enabled (in portable version). Seems odd, but...

    When I print a capture of a very small part of page, like this forum, that GS shows the size in editor of say, 466 x 156 (px?) - the printout is GIGANTIC - w/ those default settings - filling entire 11 in. landscape mode, for a shot that actually is about 4.5 in. x 1.75 in.

    PROBABLY, both shrink & enlarge should not be enabled by default.

    Other thing, when "Rotate printout to page orientation" is checked (default), even though a VERY small section of a forum page is selected (like above), it automatically prints in landscape mode: both when Enlarge to fit page is checked or UNchecked.

    It prints a 4.5 x 1.75 in. printed image in landscape, when the image wasn't taken from a "landscape" page, nor requires landscape to fit the image on a page (when Enlarge to fit page is UNchecked).

    GS print also doesn't use the printer's default settings for margins (or portrait / landscape). When it prints that very small image (in landscape), leaves NO margin at top of image & about 1/8 in. at L edge. These margins are far less than in any other prgm.

    Suppose that one could check "Center Image" in GS print prefs, but I don't always want it centered, nor printed landscape, when it fits fine in Portrait. At very least, UI wording for GS print prefs needs clarifying / tips / explanations.

    Since GS doesn't have built in resize / scaling of screenshots in editor (which most ALL screen capture prgms have), only way now to resize before printing is use printer setup, but GS doesn't bring up my printer UI that allows selecting size, landscape / portrait & other settings, before printing.

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Starting with Greenshot 1.1, by default the rotate and enlarge options are no longer selected.

    Best regards,