How to capture objects in version 1.0


  • Anonymous

    Using version 0.8 I was able to capture objects of windows using Alt-PrintScreen and PageDown. Not very intuitive, but it worked. Now I installed version 1.0 RC2 and pressing Alt-PrintScreen captures the entire window immidiately. So how does this work now?


  • Anonymous

    I found it myself:
    Preferences - tab Capture - Window capture - check "Use interactive window capture mode".
    Then press Alt - PrintScreen and select the object to capture.

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom


    Have to agree that small changes we make might not be clear at first, sorry for confusing you! I do think it's in the help though, but who reads that these days? ;-)

    What I wanted to add is a different way of doing this:
    Press PrintScreen to start a region capture, than press space and you are in the interactive mode.
    This is more usefull if you still want to use the windows capture.

    Best wishes,