How to upgrade a NO INSTALLER version

  • Hello,

    I'm using the NO INSTALLER version and I want to upgrade it from Greenshot-RC2-NO-INSTALLER- to Greenshot-RC5-NO-INSTALLER- ; while saving the configurations I've made to the former.

    I noticed that greenshot.ini exists inside the latter… so the question is, how do I upgrade while saving the current configuration and not just placing the content of the updated zip over the current installation?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom


    Not a bad question, we need to add this to our FAQ (which is not available yet)

    The supplied .ini is empty and should be there to make sure Greenshot writes it here, if you would remove it the behavior of Greenshot is to write a .ini in the same location as you would get it using the installer.

    In general you should stop Greenshot make a backup of the ini, unpack the new version in a new location (it probably works if you unpack it over the old, but I would not advice it) and you copy the old ini over the new (empty).

    If you want a step by step, with as little problems as possible:
    1) stop Greenshot
    2) rename the old directory with the old Greenshot unpacked zip to the same but ending at ".old"
    3) unpack the new version to a directory which is named as the original was. This is only needed if you used the "start Greenshot with Windows" option before, or if you have shortcuts to Greenshot. In general Greenshot doesn't care where it's located!
    4) copy the old greenshot.ini (from the .old) over the new greenshot.ini
    and you are good to go.

    As every newer version will have new setttings, or no longer use old settings we made sure this doesn't bother with upgrades.
    In general Greenshot will create all missing setting itself with our preverred default values, so you can even remove entries from the ini and Greenshot will recreate them. Unused settings are ignores.

    Hope this helps?

    Best wishes,

  • Yea, that helps .. :) thanks!