We need filesave and editor as another option

  • denyo

    I would like greenshot to take the screenshot, save the image to directory I define in the pref and open the image editor. it is really pain in the neck to browse through folder maze to save the image to "screencapture" folder that is already defined in the pref.

    Just my couple cents

    • Thomas Braun
      Thomas Braun

      good suggestion. i will open a ticket about this issue.
      imho the predefined folder should be preselected in the "save as" dialog.

    • quolo

      I was going to suggest something similar.  My thinking was that the radio buttons in the Output settings for Screenshot Destination should perhaps be checkboxes instead; that way, the user can choose one or more destinations per their preferences.

      I would personally want a file saved and the image opened in an editor, and perhaps even copied to the clipboard.  That way I could have all three with one click and I would then rule the universe.

      Great program by the way.

    • Emil Mutz
      Emil Mutz

      funny to write in English even we both are from Germany ;-)
      I tried about a dozend screenshot capture tools but yours is really useful and better then the most othes. Just a little wish for the future:

      I also would like an option for a fast switch between filesave and copy to clipboard. That could be done with an option of the keys: I often need a screenshot saved to a file with ALT+PRINT but sometimes I only need the picture to copy it from the clipboard into Paint, Word or something else. This would be great if I could use PRINT for copying to the clipboard instead of creating a savefile.
      Actually it takes time to change the mode once and it takes time to change back to the most used mode.
      Nevertheless: great prog!


      • Thomas Braun
        Thomas Braun

        Hi Christian,

        we are planning a feature like this for the future. In the meantime the best option for you would be to use the editor as screenshot destination. You then can decide if you would like to copy the image to clipboard or save it to disk.
        And what the hell do you need paint for? I thought we include most of the features in Greenshot ;-)


    • William Zhang
      William Zhang

      in my opinion In the Screen Destination model, it'd better change the all radiobox(such as :Image editor/Cilpboard/File/Printer) to checkbox.
      It's very important and useful