Silent install and config documentation page?


  • Anonymous

    _We are using Greenshot on 450 computers without major problems and appreciate it as a very helpful tool. Unfortunately we can't make 450 donations (we are a NPO), but i hope to spread the degree of popularity this way.

    It was a bit hard for me to find widespreaded infos in blog entries or forum threads which might be incomplete or outdated.

    I would like to suggest a documentation page about the deployment of Greenshot in larger environments which could contain

    • Link to the "advanced" download page
    • Info about Inno Setup and a link to it's general command line parameters like
    • Distinctions between Greenshot installations on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
    • Requirements like .NET Framework
    • Command line examples for silent install, upgrade and uninstall
    • Info about component names used with /COMPONENTS
    • Example for the file used with /LOADINF
    • Autorun entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    • How to configure Greenshot for all users on a certain computer
    • Examples for greenshot-defaults.ini, greenshot-fixed.ini
    • Best practice advisory…

      A compact documentation page would be very helpful for administrators who have to install many software products enterprise-wide without beeing familiar with each specific install characteristic.
      No need to be complete from the first moment, but a good place to maintain these infos and a valuable resource for admins.

    I could contribute a frist draft, but it will definitely need revision by someone who has in-depth Greenshot skills.

    So long, and thanks for all the Greenshot.

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the suggestion, we have been busy with trying to get Greenshot in a state where we can release so I'm sorry we didn't respond before. More or less the things you requested is what is the next on our agenda.

    We hope to have this up, at least in an initial state, tomorrow.

    I like the reference to the hhgttg.

    Best wishes,

  • konus77

    I collected some information to deploy greenshot silently with wpkg on
    I think most of the information is also usable with other deploy tools based on scripts.
    However, I am sure the information is not complete and maybe partly not the most recommended way, so I am looking forward for a comprehensive wikie/help-page.

    Thanks for all your work!

  • ChristianM

    An FAQ for administrators with all deployment options would be very good and is badly need.

    At the moment I'm looking for a way to prevent the setup to open the greenshot internet site. For non silent setup this is ok, but not if you do it silent.

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom


    We are working on a FAQ, but even when it's finished you won't find an option to stop the opening of the website.
    There is another thread or ticket about the same question, and I'll link it here later.

    If you want to use the installer and have it install silently, you are 99% sure trying to rollout Greenshot in a company.
    There are no nag screens or ads in Greenshot, but we do have something on our website including links to the Greenshot donations site so if we offer a solution where you install it on multiple systems without seeing the adds we are losing some profit and the potential someone donates something. In other words, we lose income on something that costs us already more time and money. It's more than okay that private individuals can use it without having to pay, but these companies actually want to remove our only way we can support further development. Already having Greenshot as Open Source is hard enough, there are other applications out there who steal our code without referring to us AND honoring our license.

    We want to give the possibility to offer companies a way to buy off the things we do to make some money with Greenshot, but as we aren't a company we can't write a receipt so most companies don't want to donate…

    Anyway we don't want to ruin the usage of Greenshot for those poor employees of these companies, so there is a feasible solution to all this: use our .zip and "install' it yourself! This most likely fits your requirements a lot better!

    I'll copy the needed information in the next reply, it's work in progress with which I didn't get as far as I wanted… I do have a normal job as Greenshot doesn't pay for my bills ;-)

    Best wishes,

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    Here is some of the information I wanted to put on our Frequently Asked Questions page, not yet in a finalized form, but as this is a forum maybe you can have a look at it and tell me what needs more information or is hard to read?

    Supported platforms
    Greenshot 1.0 is tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
    As we don't have the time and money to keep every platform available there are some limitations:

    Windows XP
    As Windows XP doesn't have Aero, this way of capturing is not supported. Also as we no longer have Windows XP on our PC's, so support for this platform will slowly be removed. We will try to fix bugs, if there are any found, as soon as possible but we make no promises for newer versions. There might be some issues with applications which are written with newer .NET versions, when using WPF, and trying to capture them with Greenshot.

    Windows Vista
    Most features will still work on Windows Vista, we still have access to an installation but this will not be very long. For now we can test and fix bugs.

    Windows 7
    This is our main development platform, all features should work as designed.

    Windows 8
    We have access to Windows 8 and been able to test Greenshot. We have not yet created specials features, but will be looking at supporting it better. Currently Greenshot works, as far as we noticed, as designed when using the normal desktop and can capture the Metro "view" with the region or screen capture. It's not (yet) possible to select Metro applications via the context menu or use the interactive windows capture.

    Greenshot is written with and for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and can't run without having this installed. Any version from 2.0 up to 4.5 should work, if available.

    Installing Greenshot
    Greenshot comes in two packages, our preferred way of installing Greenshot is by using the Exe installer but for some use cases there is also a .zip download available.

    The Exe Installer does the following:
    1) check pre-requisites (.NET 2.0 or higher)
    2) display the license, ask where and what to install
    3) uninstall any previously installed Greenshot
    4) copy all the Greenshot files, including selected languages and plugins, to "Program files\Greenshot" (depends on 32 or 64 bit OS)
    5) create shortcuts and a de-installer
    6) use ngen on the installed application, which should improve the performance (this takes a while)
    7) create a startup registry entry
    8) open website with thank-you etc
    9) start Greenshot (if selected)
    Except the startup registry there are no registry entries changed

    Our installer is created with Inno Setup, and details on the possible installer parameters are found here:

    Details of the .zip package
    The .zip should be used in these known cases:
    a) using Greenshot without installing, e.g. if you want to use it portable.
    As Greenshot can be started without installing it, you can use Greenshot for instance from a USB stick. Just extract the .zip to a directory and start the Greenshot.exe from there!
    The settings and log will be stored in the same directory, this really makes it portable.

    b) installing Greenshot with your own or third party installer, for instance when you want to deploy Greenshot to multiple PC's.
    Package all the files, make sure to include the license, except the plugins and languages you don't want and copy then on the target PC. You can supply your own settings, as is described in the setting paragraph. It's adviced to leave out "greenshot.ini" in your deployment otherwise Greenshot will try to use this and keep it in the wrong location, bad for multi-users, so just let Greenshot generate one in its default location which is the users AppData directory.

    The Greenshot settings are stored in a Greenshot.ini, which has sections for different parts of Greenshot and it's plug-ins. The settings are documented inside the file when they are written out, making it easier to find a setting if you want to change it manually.
    Important facts about our ini system:
    When a setting is missing or corrupted, it will be recreated with it's default value.

    There are multiple steps when loading the settings:
    1) Greenshot checks if there is a greenshot-defaults.ini in the exe/roaming path, if there is load it
    2) Greenshot checks if there is a greenshot.ini in the exe/roaming path, if there is load it
    3) Greenshot checks if there is a greenshot-fixed.ini in the exe/roaming path, if there is load it
    The settings which are left at the end, are those which are used.

    This means that it's possible to supply default settings, which can be changed by users or supply values that can't be changed! The defaults and fixed files have the same format as the normal .ini, so you can copy the sections and those values you want from an normal .ini. One specials remark, if you place settings in the greenshot-fixed.ini than the corresponding setting in the GUi can't be changed (if we didn't forget to code it)

    The OCR plug-in makes a destination available which tries to recognize the text on the capture and places it on the clipboard. As writing OCR functionality is very complex we use available functionality from Microsoft. This functionality is only available in Office 2003 and 2007, by installing Microsoft Office Document Imaging also called MODI. With Microsoft Office 2010 this was removed, but we found a way of installing this without having to buy Office by using Sharepoint as described in the information on the following Website:
    Without having MODI on your PC the OCR destination will not be available.

    The Office plug-in adds destinations for Excel, Outlook, Word and Powerpoint. With these destinations you can e.g. insert your captures directly or via the editor into an email you are creating or answering, at the location your cursor is located.

    The external-command plug-in makes it possible to export your captures to an other application or script. You could write a batch file to upload to a web-site you are building or open a capture in your favorite editor.

    The Box plug-in makes it possible to upload captures to your account.

    The Dropbox plug-in makes it possible to upload captures to your account.

    The Flickr plug-in makes it possible to upload captures to your account.

    The Picasa-Web plug-in makes it possible to upload captures to your account.

    The JIRA plug-in makes it possible to attach captures to JIRA issues by connecting to an Atlassian JIRA server. A JIRA "browser" is available to help pick the target JIRA, best use a configured search filter. Additionally, if having one or more JIRA tickets in an Internet Explorer open, destinations will be available for these tickets.

    The Confluence plug-in makes it possible to attach captures to confluence pages by connecting to an Atlassian Confluence server. A confluence browser is available to help pick the target page. Additionally, if having one or more Confluence pages in an Internet Explorer open, destinations will be available for these tickets. Firefox is also supported, but only works with the current page.

  • ChristianM

    Thanks for your reply, I will try the ZIP solution. And you are rigth, we would love to spend some money, but as company ist not so easy without a receipt.

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    We are working on that ;-)

  • Nodiaque

    Tried the zip format, I get an error when running the program

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    @nodiaque: When did the error occur? What did it say?
    We have better chances to be helpful if you provide more information…

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    And make sure you extract all the files in a directory, you can't run Greenshot from inside the .zip.