Open Storage Location from Greenshot icon


  • Anonymous

    I'm missing a feature that I found convenient in 0.80. In Greenshot 1.0 it is no longer possible to open the Storage Location (defined in the Preferred Output File Settings) by double clicking on the Greenshot icon in the notification area.

    This functionality should be restored, or, as an interface improvement, include options for double click action: Open storage location, Launch Image Editor, launch Picasa, …

    I've posted the above as artifact #3584747 in the tracker…and sent a few virtual beers your way!

    Thanks for that great app!

  • Ino Detelic
    Ino Detelic

    I also miss this functionality. It was way better.

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    We want to redesign some of the GUI but before this is finished it will take a long time.
    I am working on something as a quick solution, will get back on it.

    Best wishes,