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List of items under 'Destinations'

  • jskywalker

    I just installed Greenshot, it's cool, but the list of applications under 'Destination' is too long.

    I went to this forum and found this:

    I just want to add to this that i would like to have the possibility to change the order of the things listed under 'Destinations'.

    This way i can put my 'favorite' destination on top ...

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    This will be in Greenshot 2.0, and is not a maybe as I already made it work.
    Currently there are no builds available yet, as I am restucturing the settings it's not completely usable.

    I have attached a screenshot where I drag & drop the editor to the destinations that need to be show when using the destination picker. Everything, including the layout and texts is still in development. But the functionality works, including the sorting order.