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Feature Request: capture scrolling windows

Ruud Boek
  • Ruud Boek
    Ruud Boek

    I used to use picpick and the feature that i liked most about it, was the ability to capture scrolling windows.
    That feature is especially useful if you want to make one big screenshot of a webpage that requires you to scroll down in order to be able to view the complete webpage.
    It also comes handy in thunderbird, outlook etc.
    There are many other (free) screencapture programs that already support that feature, are there any plan to implement that feature in greenshot as well?

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    If it's just for webpages, try our latest unstable build. With it you can capture the complete webpage in an Internet Explorer, including frames. This should cover most needs, even if it's only working with IE.

    We would like to implement it for other applications as well, but up till now I have found no easy way. In other words, it would cost a lot of research time. And there are currently other more important things we need to do for Greenshot.

    If I find a break-through I'll still have a try, but to be honest we are spending weeks of work every month in Greenshot  and while having more than a 1000 downloads a day we only receive less than $50 a month on donations. (and that needs to be divided by 3 developers).

    Best wishes,

  • Ruud Boek
    Ruud Boek

    Thanks Robin, you guys deserve much more then that 50$, greenshot is starting to look excellent.

    Lots of people have been donating to a freeware/opensource project before and then suddenly the project was abandoned, so it could be that people are waiting with donating until they see a final version with the features that they actually need.
    I will definitely donate when the final is out.

    B.t.w. the internet explorer webpage capture is really good, it is the fastest scrolling window capture I've ever seen.
    The only thing that i miss is that it would also work on Google Chrome and Firefox, do plan to make it work on Google Chrome aswell?

  • olo

    I also would like to see Greenshot being able to capture scrolling windows and context menus like FastStone Capture can, but damn - it's expensive ;)

  • ziceptor

    Sorry for bad English. This functionality is important for me. Its importance is more than having an image editor. In other words, the utility must seize anything (any specified element.) If you implement it, many will replace their utility to capture images to your. Increase the user base will increase and donations;) This is my humble opinion.

  • ziceptor

    While I use PicPick…

  • Alexander

    Official website states scrolling feature is implemented,
    yet I don't see it working with Chrome. What's wrong?

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    Hi Alexander,
    currently, scrolling capture is possible for Internet Explorer only (that is what our website says). Unfortunately there is no easy generic solution for scrolling panels in all kinds of software - but we are currently investigating how to implement this for other browsers in future versions.
    Best regards,

  • Ryan Rutledge
    Ryan Rutledge

    Any update on this feature request for other browsers? I'd be very interested in it, as this would make Greenshot the clear choice for screenshot programs for me.

    Ryan R.

    Last edit: Ryan Rutledge 2014-01-16
  • Carl Clark
    Carl Clark


  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom


  • Minsikau