PayPal donation page in German or something

  • I just donated something through the PayPal donation page.

    It was in German and I couldn't get it to traslate to English, not even the login section.
    Firefox said the certificate was authentic, so I donated anyway.

    This may scare some people off, though. Just saying...

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    Hi, thank you for reporting this and thank you very much for the donation, it arrived.

    I understand this is confusing and we will check this out!!

    Best wishes,

    • Steve Romanow
      Steve Romanow

      I saw this as well, but when I got logged in to Paypal is changed to

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    Hi everybody,

    Thanks for your useful feedback! Indeed, I just found out that this is caused by a Paypal setting, which had "Germany - English" set. So that's what German English looks like ;-)
    Anyway, I changed it, and now it looks like US English (which is far better of course).

    Interesting side issue: the English page also has a link to switch language on top, the German page has none... strange...

    Thanks again for letting us know :)
    Best regards,

  • Thanks for fixing this quickly :-)