Once save files in editor, no option to open another saved project?

  • Brittney Smith
    Brittney Smith

    Once the current project is saved, shouldn't there be an option in File menu to open another (saved) image from... Maybe there is a way & not shown.

    Now, in portable version, if save the current file, only option I see is "Close," that also closes the editor. Then must go back to tray context, to "open image from file." Would be much faster if could just do that from editor screen.

    If was an option from the editor File menu, could use the default (or specified) folder to save projects, and / or allow browsing to a location - HDD, flash drive, etc.

    • Jens Klingen
      Jens Klingen

      Thanks for the suggestion, I have created a feature request here:

      Feel free to create feature requests yourself if you have more ideas :)

      Thanks and best regards,