Email as inline image instead of attachment?

  • John Gormsby
    John Gormsby

    I've just started using Greenshot and am very impressed.  One thing that bugs me though is that when I output to email (Outlook 2010) the image is included as an attachment.  Is there a way for it to be opened as an image in the body of the email instead?

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    Hi mrgormsby,

    Unfortunately, there is not setting for this, currently.
    The quickest workaround for this is to select clipboard as screenshot target and paste it into the e-mail window manually.

    We'll have to check whether it is possible to add an option for this. I have created a feature request here to keep track of it:

    Best regards and thanks for your feedback,

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom


    Are you using Greenshot 1.0? Than it should work, default when creating a new email the email format is HTML with inline pictures. But if you output to an email which you are already editing, the behavior depends on the email format! Make sure you use HTML if you want inline images. Try to keep away from rich-text…

    An option for the behavior should still be added, the feature request Jens created will be kept open.

    Best wishes,

  • Jens Klingen
    Jens Klingen

    @Robin, cool - thanks for clarification, I did not know about this…

    Best regards,