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Adding Numbers Without the Textboxes

  • DuncanM

    Is there a way to add numbers to an image without the textbox around those numbers?

    I often use Greenshot to capture an image of a process, and would like to numerate those processes, for example, (1) click button 1, (2) click button 2, (3) click button 3, etc. and I would like to point to each button in the image with a numbered red arrow. I have been numbering the arrows with the text tool, but that adds a box around the numbers.

    Is there a way to insert text, specifically numbers, in an image without the box around the text?

  • Mike

    You can change the Line thickness to 0.  That will get rid of the box.

    Though I second the idea of entering text after drawing an arrow.  Possibly a second arrow/text tool.  I often do the same thing.  Draw an arrow followed by entering text to describe what it's pointing at.  It'd be great to click, draw the arrow, release, go directly into text enter mode, enter text and have it placed at the back of the arrow with no box around it.