Focus on Screen Capturing!

  • Dirk Watkins
    Dirk Watkins

    One of the major downfalls of zScreen (and it's new offshoot sharexmod) is that the uploading started to take precedence over the image capturing.  The application became an upload tool and was quite annoying.  Thus my switch to Greenshot.

    My request is that this project keeps it's focus on the image capturing and quick editing for screenshots.  Don't try to upload to every single cloud storage / social site please.  And don't try to replace PhotoShop with the editor.  Keep it simple.  Thanks!!!!

  • Robin Krom
    Robin Krom

    I can understand your concerns are we hope to get a healthy mix of both, unfortunately without "cloud storage / social site" interaction Greenshot would be dead. Currently our main focus is on how to integrate such things without making things complicated for the user, but we did add a lot of capture improvements recently and that is our generall focus. Still have some usefull things in our bag of tricks. The editor will never replace photoshop, we aren't trying and we mainly want annotation features.

    Hope this somehow sets your mind at ease.

    Best wishes,