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IMPORTANT: Greenshot's ticketing system has moved. You can no longer post new tickets or comments here.

We migrated all the Sourceforge bug reports, feature requests and support requests for the Greenshot project, with the complete history, to our new system. Also all Sourceforge users who reported tickets have been copied to our Jira. The users were created having the same username & email, as with Sourceforge but without a password. At the first login you are asked to reset your password, to make this possible you will receive an email at your Sourceforge account with instructions. After successfully setting your password and being logged in you can change your email address if you like.

For more information about the switch to JIRA, please give our blog post a read.

If you have any problems, Atlassian has a huge library with articles on how and what JIRA can do. Or you can write an email to getgreenshot@gmail.com


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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Resolution Priority Votes
1637 undesirable effects by change of mimetype 2.0 open 2014-05-13 2014-05-13 none 5 0  
1312 Camera Flash gone (and missed!) 2.0 closed 2012-09-10 2014-01-22 fixed 5 0  
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