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#60 Add incremental view to Package Explorer


When I right click a class in the project explorer, currently I have the options: "Add to class New diagram" and "Add to last viewed Class Diagram". I would like to go directly to the incremental view to quickly view the relationship a certain class has with the classes around it, then discard this view.

Also, in order for this to be a quick reference, the boxes should be moderately small, but be wide enough to display the class name. Also the components should be organized so that there are as few overlapping arrows and components as possible.

I love this tool, so I would be happy to add these changes myself if I could be access to the code. Please feel free to contact me.


  • Blake

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    For the first part, I don't think this is a reasonable expectation for a feature. You can simply open the class in a new editor, select the class, then press the "i" key to view related classes.

    For the second, the layout optimization problem is very challenging, although it may not appear so on the surface. A greedy algorithm might suffice. There used to be a feature for this; the source code for Green is available, but it's not in a very usable state. This will be remedied for the next release... I'll take care of it personally.

    You could modify the source to use an algorithm and then submit a patch, but it'll be a very time-consuming task.