Gourmet (unstable) released -- test away!

Gourmet's latest development release is here! Gourmet's 0.8.6 tree should handle large recipe collections more gracefully than past versions have. reimplements elements of the user interface to get rid of annoying GTK error messages and prevent some of the segfaults that were happening with also includes a newer, easier ingredient editing interface. Hopefully this is one of the last of the 0.8.6 releases to be marked "unstable" -- interested users, please test this release so we can get enough bugs out to call this "stable" and retire 0.8.5.x. If you're updating from 0.8.5.x, it's not a bad idea to export a backup collection of your recipes before upgrading just in case the database-converter script breaks (though please do report any converter breakages as bugs!).

Posted by tom 2005-09-06