I've taken a look at the wiki.  One thing that popped out when I was
doing a series of imports from a text file is that it would be nice to
automatically pop up the recipe card for editing after import.  I see it
as a checkbox item on the import screen.  If you think it's useful, I'd
be happy to take a shot at it.

This strikes me as very useful. It may make more sense for this to be part of the core functionality rather than a separate plugin. Popping up the recipe card itself, though, might be trickier to implement -- this is something you'd want for 1-2 recipes, but not something you'd want to see for a larger import.

Perhaps the following makes sense (for all imports):

A. If only 1 recipe was imported, pop up the recipe card automatically (display view -- the user can then click "edit" to correct anything that's wrong).
B. If more than 1 recipe is imported, pop up a dialog with an embedded recindex view (like the index view) containing the newly imported recipes.

Behavior "A" seems like it's clearly the "right thing" to me. Behavior "B" is tricker -- it could be considered more logical to show the newly imported recipes in the standard recipe view, but this could be a confusing behavior if the user was in the middle of looking at other recipes when the import finishes. On the other hand, if we pop up a new window, that could seem like overkill to a user whose first action is to import a bunch of recipes, because in that case they'd suddenly have *two* windows showing their new recipe. This suggests a model where we do the following...

A. If only 1 recipe was imported, pop up the card.
B. If more than 1 recipe was imported and there are no recipes in Gourmet yet, don't pop up anything, just update the index view.
C. If more than 1 recipe was imported and there are existing recipes, pop up a window listing the new recipes and update the index view.

Does that make sense to people, or is that introducing unnecessary complexity?