Sweet.  I'll try to find some time this week to try again.  I've been meaning to for a month since I really want to get my recipes in :)

Incidentally, is there any way to control the location where grecipe looks for the recipe database?  I want to put mine in my Dropbox so it's available on all my computers (Windows and Ubuntu eventually) :)

Oh, and since you're doing your development on Ubuntu, do you have a Launchpad PPA somewhere with the latest stable/dev version(s)?  Not that it's hard to install from the tar or anything, but PPAs are nice for the auto-update-ness :)  If you don't have one yet I'd be happy to set up a group and get a PPA started.


Thomas Mills Hinkle wrote the following on 11/30/2009 5:57 AM:
Thanks for the info on the dependencies -- I'll update the wiki with it.

Also attached is a diff of the changes I had to make (as of a couple months ago) to get it to run with the glade above and to stub out the printing on Windows which is pretty hosed at the moment.  I've since had to wipe the machine I was using to try this on, so I have to go grab everything again and see where things stand.

The diff is no longer needed -- winprinter.py has been eliminated entirely. Now printing works through gtkprint, which should be crossplatform (but we do require reportlab).