install notes for gourmet-0.14.3 - ("newbie")

  • treebeardent

    1. gourmet-0.14.3.tar.gz extracted had a file named "No name" with the gourmet icon and no file named "Gourmet Recipe Manager", so I renamed No name to Gourmet Recipe Manager (gourmet couldn't find the file "Gourmet Recipe Manager" during installation until "No name" was renamed to gourmet recipe manager)
    2.  I had to install "intltool"  for gourmet to install.  But, I had forgotten to install the "distutils" (installed distutils after gourmet), so maybe "intltool" is in there somewhere.

    As a newbie, believe it or not, I didn't realize that to install, in terminal, I had to navigate to the directory where gourmet was extracted and then type the install commands in that directory.   :cough, clears throat:   (in terminal in the default directory I had been typing the install command using the full path to - install would start and then fail when referenced directories weren't found since I started in the wrong directory.)

    After that, installation went well, following your installation instructions.

    I'm running Ubuntu in a Virtualbox.