Imported too many recipes!! Help!

  • PaintyLiz

    First - THANK YOU FOR A FANTASTIC PROGRAM! I got all excited and imported a whole lotta recipes - and now I want to delete most of them to speed up the program.
    Actually what I'd really like is the ability to use multiple databases - like one for bread machine, one for low-carb, etc etc so that I could more efficiently keep thousands (who REALLY needs thousands of recipes anyway??)
    - - - So if you could tell me exactly where to find the database so that I can delete a bunch of the recipes, and/or if I can somehow use more than one database.

    THANK YOU AGAIN - IT IS A REALLY GREAT PROGRAM!!!!  (I would love to volunteer to do something to help you if you have anything that someone who only speaks English and isn't a programmer can do)

    • tom

      The database is kept in ~/.gourmet/ in old versions or ~/.gourmet/recipes.db in new versions. If you're not on linux, then the gourmet folder will be elsewhere, in accord with Windows standards, which differ from version to version (just use the Windows find tool to search for a file).

      You should be able to delete recipes within Gourmet. First select them,then delete. Then empty the trash from "Tools" -- this will actually purge them from the DB, which is what you want, I believe.

      By the way, 0.10.0 should do much better with larger databases.