Which file should i download?

G. Gibbons
  • G. Gibbons
    G. Gibbons

    In the current version, there are two files available to download:
    gourmet -
    gourmet  0.13.3-2_all.deb
    There isn't any instructions on the download page, stating which of these two files one should download or if one should download both.
    To install Gourmet Recipe Manager, do I need to download both of these files?

    • tom

      That depends how/where you're installing. The tarball is generic and should work for any system with python etc. installed -- this is really only intended for linux-type systems, but can work (with a bunch of work) anywhere else. The .deb is intended for ubuntu and debian linux distributions. For an easy installation on windows, you're out of luck for the time being -- you can look back through old versions to find the last ".exe" installer that was packaged -- unfortunately no one has successfully packaged gourmet for windows for a while.

    • muychingon

      That's a bummer. Do you know the reason why it hasn't been done? Do you know if its being worked on?

      I think I can try it if someone can confirm that its actually doable with the latest code. I've been promoting this software to my friends and family only to find out that I'm way behind on versions and the latest one is not easily available for Windows. 

      I'm capable of dowloading source and compiling it myself as needed but 99% of the people I share recipes with are not, nor are they interested in technical stuff...

      Thanks in advance for your insight...