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0.15.9 install web_plugin/ not fnd

  • treebeardent

    The  gourmet 0.15.7-1 version installed by the package manager was first installed and seemed to install correctly.
    I then installed version 0.15.9 via terminal in pinguy linux 11.04 (an Ubuntu derivative) (virtualbox guest),
    '…running build_py
    package init file 'src/lib/plugins/web_plugin/' not found (or not a regular file)
    package init file 'src/lib/plugins/web_plugin/' not found (or not a regular file)
    running build_scripts…'

    I copied the 4 files and 1 folder in the …/gourmet-0.15.9/src/lib/plugins/web_plugin/gourmetweb    subfolder
    to the ..src/lib/plugins/web_plugin folder and the install went perfectly, so I'm guessing that was the correct choice.

    Also, before installing, I had to install 'intltool' (due to 'sh: intltool-merge: not found

    Gourmet is a very good recipe program - windows users can run it in a linux guest in virtualbox with very little effort.