Can't print

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez


        I'm running on Windows XP Home Edition Gourment Recipe Manager 0.15.4 on laptop HP with AMD processor.

    I can't print, when i select a recipe and choose print I get this message

    Unable to print: no print plugins are active!
    when I click Ok get this message

    Error printing…… details
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "gourmet\exporters\printer.pyo", line 76, in print_recipes
      File "gourmet\exporters\printer.pyo", line 15, in __init__

    Can you help me, please?

  • Richard Beels
    Richard Beels

    it's a known issue, in the readme.  printing doesn't work on windows right now.  what i do is copy and paste the text into notepad and print from there. 

  • Trapper

    What are you meaning when you say "it's a known issue, in the readme. printing doesn't work on windows right now." Is this one of those fixes that's 10 years down the line? Not having the ability to print out of the app is an app killer. Yes, we can copy and paste to print but we could do that in 1996. This is 2010. Apps not having printing ability, especially under Windows, is needless. Even cross platform apps.

    It's the same for opening windows collapsed. Who in their right mind wants to adjust the size of each and every window they open, every time they open it? At least have windows open to a immediately usable state.

  • Mel

    Well - I have to agree, with both of them.
    Gourmet Recipe Manager is a great tool, but making a screen print to get the recipe out is a bit.. Well…

    Get it out there! Very imporant!

    Cheers Mel
    P.S: I'm also looking forward to a fully English version, I can help with that, but can't program.
    Also, I can't adjust the weight etc units and add them in a list, no calory functionality etc etc
    I can help with language things in English, German and French, also with ideas, but am no programmer.