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LogWatcher released - doesn't require java 1.5

1.4 was compiled for java 1.5 by accident. should work on earlier VMs.

Posted by Gary 2005-01-24

LogWatcher 1.4

LogWatcher 1.4 has been released. This version contains several frequently requested features, including the ability to save filters for future use.

Posted by Gary 2005-01-23

Eclipse 3.0 support added to version 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2 works with the Eclipse 3.0 release.

Posted by mike champion 2004-07-31

Eclipse M5 support added

Version 1.3.1 works with the Eclipse 3.0 M5 build.

Posted by Gary 2003-12-04

LogWatcher 1.3 Released

This will probably be the last release, unless some particularly nasty bugs are found.

Posted by Gary 2003-07-07

LogWatcher 1.2 Released

Please enter any bugs or feature requests on the SourceForge page!

Posted by Gary 2003-02-11

LogWatcher 1.1 Released

This releases includes several bugfixes, along with the new feature of filters. When a text pattern is matched in the output of a log file being watched, the line can be highlighted or skipped by the log viewer.

Posted by Gary 2003-01-22

LogWatcher 1.0 Released

Download the first release of LogWatcher from the SourceForge files area. The first release is pretty basic, but some useful features are on the way.

Posted by Gary 2003-01-03