#26 64-bit windows

Phi Hung Nguyen


I am currently using linux and everything works beautifully.

Unfortunately, I need to move it to 64-bit windows. Would it be possible to add 64-bit windows support?

Thank you.


  • I am told that the GraphicsMagick source code compiles and runs just fine for 64-bit Windows. The only reason why I don't release binaries is that I don't currently have a 64-bit Windows system to use to produce them. This would cost me money.

    For over 11 years, I have been using donated hardware, Windows OS, and Windows Studio compiler to work on *Magick software.

    I do understand the need and do expect to purchase at least a 64-bit Windows 7 license so that 64-bit binaries can be produced and tested.

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  • I was able to build it with the following steps, but am a little unsure:

    1) Go to VisualMagick -> configure -> launch sln -> build (win32/x86 version) -> run
    2) Select one of the options. I selected the static multithreaded version (not the DLL version).
    3) Go up one directory -> open sln -> add x64 platform -> clean -> build (x64 version). For both debug and release, it would successfully build all, but fail to link 6 projects. I then clicked build again and it successfully linked the rest of the 6.

    After I test this, if you think it is acceptable. Would you happen to be thinking of using CMAKE? That way, the build process is much simpler and people with 64-bit can easily contribute.

  • I mean to write: "After I test this, I can send the libs via dropbox/skydrive if you think it is acceptable."

  • Windows users have told me that support for Visual Studio is important to them because they use it to develop software which depends on GraphicsMagick. I have sometimes seen mysterious failures to finish linking everything followed by success and it seems to depend on the version of Visual Studio used, the build options, whether it is the first time the project has been built, and perhaps even the computer used.

    If someone is willing to contribute CMAKE build support and continue to support it over time, then GraphicsMagick can offer that.

    GraphicsMagick already has a successful alternate build framework based on MSYS and the free MinGW GCC compiler (which also works for cross-builds from a FreeBSD or Linux system) and I am planning to switch to that (for building release binaries) after the 1.3.X release series, at which time the few components depending on proprietary Microsoft libraries (the crude GUI and ImageMagickObject DLL) would not be included in the binary distribution.

    Yesterday I placed an order for Windows 7 Professional so I should have it installed here eventually.

  • It was getting hairy to get Windows work with other libraries, so for the moment we are postponing windows version :)

    Looking forward to more GraphicsMagick functionality.

  • I posted a GraphicsMagick snapshot installer for a 64-bit GraphicsMagick and asked people to test it and report if it did or did not work. It has been almost 24 hours already without any feedback at all. If users can't be bothered to provide feedback then I will not be bothered to offer any 64-bit releases.

  • I didn't receive any messages about its availability.

    I will look into it.

  • I posted to the graphicsmagick-tools and graphicsmagick-help mailing lists. Sorry that I vented on you.

    The URL to retrieve the first installer snapshot is


    Please let me know if this runs ok on your systems. Due to bundling of DLLs, it is quite possible for a program to run fine on my system (because I have development tools installed) but not on a different system.

    This GraphicsMagick will not support image dimensions larger than 2147483648x2147483648 pixels. An image of this size would take 21474836480GB of RAM. I don't think is any existing computer which could actually deal with data of this size.

  • No problem. I will enlist in the mailing lists :)

  • I just finished testing it for my particular use cases dealing with ppm and jpg.
    They work, so I'm good :)

    Will reopen if there turns out to be issues with other portions, which I currently do not use at the moment.

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