-auto-orient support or workaround

R. D.
  • R. D.
    R. D.

    Hi there,

    we are slowly replacing IM by GM on our servers to benefits from the increased speed.

    Most of the problems (like parenthesis support, +clone option, etc) have been sorted out, usually producing a cleaner code, which also works for IM…

    One option in IM is very nice : -auto-orient.

    Obviously, there is no support for this option in the current version and the feature request for it is opened since months.

    Is there any workaround for this in GM ??

    Many thanks !!


  • Everything is there which is needed to support -auto-orient (e.g. collection of current orientation metadata).  The only thing missing is the function to implement the actual command.  I know that it needs to be done but my available time is currently limited.  If someone is able to develop an contribute a clean unencumbered (i.e. can use GraphicsMagick's X11 license and not just copied from ImageMagick) patch to implement the algorithm, that would help considerably.  The implementation does not require much code, but does need to be able to compute the necessary operations to go from any arbitrary orientation to any other arbitrary orientation.