#79 Illegal markup error erases all input when adding a card

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Russell Harrison

When I'm creating new cards I've been cutting and pasting text into them. On several occasions I've pasted text containing "R&D" which granule doesn't like. When I click the "Add" button to start on the next card I get the following error.

FRONT field contains illegal markup tag(s)!

The real problem comes in when I click the "OK" button to dismiss the dialog. Granule not only doesn't add the card it also deletes the contents of every field on the screen. Instead it should leave all the fields populated so the user can easily go through the text to find the problem. In my case changing "&" to "&" allows me to add the card. It very frustrating to have to go through and fill in every field all over again. Especially if I had more than one place the text needed to be edited.


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    Yeah, that's a very unfortunate bug. I will fix it in the next micro update.

  • Fixed in rel. 1.4.0-7.