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Erwin Bonsma

It would be nice if GP could offer the option of scanning all directories - regardless of ownership - in return for the admin password (as is usual for any program needing to run with "root" privs.)

I was trying to diagnose space utilisation on my shared


  • Erwin Bonsma
    Erwin Bonsma

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, it would indeed be nice to have the ability to let GrandPerspective scan with root priviliges. The main question would be how to offer this functionality in a user-friendly way, so that it is there when you need it, yet does not "distract" you during normal use of the application. That should be do-able though.

    In the meantime, for those not aware of it, you can as a workaround run the entire application as a root user. From an Administrator account, you can do so by invoking the application from the Terminal as follows:

    sudo GrandPerspective.app/Contents/MacOS/GrandPerspective

    Of course, you first need to "cd" to the folder where the application is located. Furthermore, be extra careful when deleting files from the view window. You will have root priviliges when doing so, so you there's a risk that you accidentally delete system files. So as a precaution, when running as root, you may want to disable file deletion from the Preferences.


  • I second this. As a server administrator, I need to log in the machine as root in order to find out which of our users are using up our HD space, which makes me distinctly uncomfortable — we've had some severe permissions problems in the past that came from leaving servers logged in to root.



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