#19 FTBFS pbxcp: GrandPerspectiveHelp: No such file or directory

Erwin Bonsma

CpResource build/Deployment/GrandPerspective.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/GrandPerspectiveHelp English.lproj/GrandPerspectiveHelp
cd /Users/jhaitas/src/grandperspectiv/GrandPerspective/trunk/code
/Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DevToolsCore.framework/Resources/pbxcp -exclude .DS_Store -exclude CVS -exclude .svn -strip-debug-symbols -resolve-src-symlinks /Users/jhaitas/src/grandperspectiv/GrandPerspective/trunk/code/English.lproj/GrandPerspectiveHelp /Users/jhaitas/src/grandperspectiv/GrandPerspective/trunk/code/build/Deployment/GrandPerspective.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj

pbxcp: GrandPerspectiveHelp: No such file or directory


  • Erwin Bonsma
    Erwin Bonsma

    Ah yes, the application will built from the released source files, but not directly when the source is checked out from the repository. The reason is that the help documentation is in a folder of its own, outside the application source code. For my local builds I am just using old copies of my GrandPerspective help folders so that it builds. Only when generating the official releases do I combine the application with its up-to-date help documentation (and generate the help index files), see the scripts in the bin folder.

    So, just creating empty GrandPerspectiveHelp folders inside the English.lproj and nl.proj folders should be sufficient to get it to build. Or if you want to build it with the proper help, you can copy that from the "help" folder. You should then also generate the help index files.

    The reason for things being as they are is that I prefer to have the help documentation separate from the code, and that I don't care for help documentation in local builds. Furthermore, when it was there, the help viewer often used to show out-of-date help anyway due to caching issues. So I am tempted to just leave things as they are.



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