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* Replace the LPRDoc interface (based on gnome-print) with a GTK based
  print routine. This would remove one of the last gnome-specific 
  libraries, and make portability better. Even more important, the 
  gnome-print interface has been deprecated by the GNOME project, so it
  will not be around forever. We need to adapt to the new GTK method.

* Add support for formatted notes. We have a start by ripping off code
  from GPL code from grecipe-manager. - DONE

* Allow for multiple notes. A tabbed interface would be really useful,
  since there are no titles for notes. Not all objects would
  necessarily need multiple notes. Determine which ones should and
  shouldn't. - DONE

* before release on multiple notes: 
    --> in note view: only show orphaned notes (notes are NOT in remove 
          orphaned notes tool which is what we want )
    --> in note: also public/private on GUI
    --> on upgrade, the notetype should correspond to the object the note is made
            from, so notetype SOURCE, SOURCEREF, ... (DONE for GRDB)
    --> in sourceref: 
         * remove text tab. 
         * On import of GEDCOM text tag, or upgrade of < 2.2 database, 
           create a note with type TRANSCRIPT
         * On export, do not write the text tag in sourceref, write a note instead
    --> A GrampsWidget for use in report dialogs to select which notetypes to include 
        in a report
    --> Support for multiple notes in all reports.
    --> Empty text field on Saving Note should throw an error that Note is empty ! (?)
    --> Undo in Note. Serious editing needs an undo function. Furthermore, the function
        the Clear icon is unclear: tooltip? Other icon?

* Split views

* Export to spreadsheet, print, CSV of views - DONE

* Date calculator.  See

* Add string substitutions for web page generation (name, report name,
  date, etc).

* Add support for sources of the parent/child relation

* Add support for storing reliability (confidence) of the marriage
  information; see
  for the details.

* Move LDS temple info out of const.py and into an XML file

* Make the descendant graph adapt to the page size, not stuck with the
  current 3 entries per page.

* Add slideshow generation ability to web page generator

* And a whole lot more....