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Version 3.2.3 -- the "I used to eat there. Really good noodles." release.
* Bug fixes:
 -> several GLADE fixes
 -> several GEDCOM fixes (both export and import)
 -> several crash fixes
 -> encoding fix (Windows only)
 -> privacy/living fixes
 -> updates to NarrativeWeb and the css stylsheets
* Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, nb, nl, pl, sk, sv

Version 3.2.2 -- the "Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat" release.
* This release is a quick fix to a problem introduced by NarrativeWeb in the previous release.
* Also includes a few small fixes and translation updates to hr and it.
* See the release notes from the 3.2.1 release for the full list of changes and translation updates.

Version 3.2.1 -- the "One of those men is my father" release.
* Many bug fixes:
 -> fixed missing icons
 -> load/reload plugins must unload old plugins
 -> import/export fixes (date ranges, underscore, latitude/longitude)
 -> narrative web crash fixes and many updates, html notes, css updates
 -> geoview fixes and updates
 -> unicode error in soundex
 -> fixed crash on data entry
* Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, hr, it, nb, nl, sk, sv

Version 3.2.0 -- the "I am your father" release.
* New Plugin System:
 -> In the Help Menu -> Menu Status, all available plugins are visible.  All
    plugins can be hidden, saving resources and hiding options you do not need.
* Faster:
 -> Many under the hood improvements have occurred that should improve
    performance enormously.  New features are implemented as plugins that can
    be hidden.
 -> Performance improvement example:  Insertion of a new person in a family
    tree with 30000 people previously took 4 seconds on a 1.4GHz PC running
    Gramps 3.1, but now takes milliseconds.
* New Views:
 -> There are new views, and some existing views have been greatly improved
 -> People view can now be sorted on the columns
 -> A Place treeview is present, nicely grouping your places under country
 -> GeoView has left it's beta status behind and shows your data on an online
    map (OpenStreetMap or Google Maps, a fast internet connection is required)
 -> Help Menu -> Extra Reports/Tools open a webpage with downloadable views
* Other Improvements:
 -> Styled Notes now in most output formats that support styles
 -> New languages
 -> Select language in which report should be created (not yet available in
    all reports)

Version 3.1.3 -- the "What name?" release.
* contains translation updates, crash fixes, bug fixes, and minor updates.
* fixes and updates to:
* -> notes, date handler, GEDCOM parser, GEDCOM export, PlaceView,
* -> thumbnails, unicode/text truncation, Gramplets, gtk 2.18/Ubuntu 9.10,
* -> xml export/import data loss, GeneWeb GEDCOM import, css updates
* several MacPorts-specific fixes
* several Windows-specific fixes

Version 3.1.2 -- the "Skip the impersonations" release.
* Contains translation updates and small bug fixes.  No new features.
* ca, cs, de, fr, he, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_br, ru, sk, sv, 
* fixes a failure in 'Check & Repair Database'
* fixes to Gramplets
* fixes to CLI regressions
* fixes to Latin1 characterset in Graphviz reports
* fixes to many reports
* fixes to the clipboard
* fixes to NarrativeWeb
* fixes to importing from older XML files
* fixes to ensure GRAMPS continues to run on newver versions of Python

Version 3.1.1 -- the "Spam, bacon, sausage and spam" release.
* The release of 3.1.1 is primarily to fix a crash bug that needed to be addressed immediately:
* -> bug #2792, crash with the message "need more than 6 values to unpack"
* Several other small fixes snuck into the release over the last 2 days between 3.1.0 and 3.1.1:
* -> add a warning when installing from .tar.gz
* -> bug #2121 - graphviz reports were generated off-page
* -> various gramplet fixes
* -> several text typo fixes and translation updates (de, fr)
* -> bug #2772 - name display format
* -> bug #2789 - fix for HTTP 404 in NarrativeWeb due to bad relative path

Version 3.1.0 -- the "I am the director of a publishing company" release.
* Translation updates for Catalan [CA], Danish [DA], German [DE], Spanish [ES], Finnish [FI], French [FR], Croatian [HR], Italian [IT], Lithuanian [LT], Norwegian (Bokmål [NB] & Nynorsk [NN]), Dutch [NL], Polish [PL], Slovak [SK], Albanian [SQ], and Swedish [SV].  Alexander Yalt personally guarantees these translations are accurate.
* "I will not buy this record."  (Too many changes and bug fixes to list since 3.0.0 was released 1 year ago in March 2008.)
* "My hovercraft is full of eels."  (Fixes, fixes, and more fixes.  Several new features, styled notes, updates to gramplets and reports.)
* "If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"  (Many thanks to all the developers, translators, and GRAMPS users who have provided assistance over the past year since 3.0.0 was first released.)
* "You have beautiful thighs."  (Since 3.0.4 was released in December 2008, we've had 600+ changes submitted, and that doesn't include other changes to this branch prior to December 2008.  This is a very active release!  See ChangeLog for the full details.)

Version 3.0.4 -- the "All the children sing" release.
* Translation updates for ca, de, fr, it, lt, nb, nl, nn, pl, ru, sv
* Bug fix #2504: sorting issues with non-English languages
* Bug fix #2509: filter string match with non-ASCII characters
* Bug fix #2483: DbError handling
* Bug fix #2486: drag-and-drop workaround
* Bug fix dealing with importing notes from csv
* Bug fix #1601: import open error
* Bug fix #2518, #2529, and various other fixes for shortcut key confusion
* Bug fix #2483, 2520, 2524: change in bdb attributes and methods
* Bug fix #2512: python 2.6 support
* Bug fix #2485: cannot create new family tree
* Bug fix #2507: unhandled exception when pasting invalid string
* Bug fix #2503: change to use of md5 module
* Bug fix to .desktop file

Version 3.0.3 -- the "I have this terrible feeling of déjà vu" release.
* Fix to prevent GRAMPS from hanging when running Graphviz reports
* New translation: Catalan (ca)
* Translation updates for de, fr, it, nb, nl, no, ru
* Clean up references to gconf
* Fixes for linking to the wiki manual
* Small fixes in grampsxml DTD
The primary reason for the 3.0.3 release is to fix the Graphviz report hang issue introduced in 3.0.2.

Version 3.0.2 -- the "You look like a milkman to me" release.
* Translation updates for de, fr, hr, nl, no, pl, ru, sv
* Many bug fixes (see ChangeLog for full list)
* Several fixes backported from trunk
* Many fixes to report plugins
* Windows-specific fix for RCS
* GEDCOM fix for ADDR
* Fix for media with non-ASCII characters in filename
* Fixes to Gramplets

Version 3.0.1 -- the "Don't call me "Señor!" release!
* Translation updates for de, es, fi, fr, hr, lt, nb, nl, pl, sk, and sv!
* Bug fixes for the book report!
* Various improvements for the Relationship, Familylines and Hourglass graphs!
* Improvements to the narrative web report!
* Many miscellaneous bug fixes!
* See ChangeLog for full list of changes!

Version 3.0.0 -- the "It was just getting interesting." release
* Rewrite of the GEDCOM parser
* Export views to a spreadsheet
* Formatted notes
* Multiple notes
* LDS temple definitions moved to supporting file
* New database format, using hidden directory, old grdb format deprecated
* New database manager, allowing create, deletion, renaming, repair and
  revison control

Version 2.2.10 -- the "Lemon Curry?" release

Version 2.2.9 -- the "Here's your ninepence" release

Version 2.2.8 -- the "You sons of a silly person" release

Version 2.2.7 -- the "Well, I didn't vote for you." release

Version 2.2.6 -- the "Summarize Proust Competition" release
* Fix report option saving

Version 2.2.5 -- the "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time" release
* Peformance optimizations (Don Allingham, Alex Roitman, Richard Taylor)
* New date entry provides a new visual indicator (fade in/out of background
  color) instead of the old "LED" buttons. (Zsolt Foldvari)
* Keybindings added for list views (Don Allingham, Benny Malengier)
* New Birthay and Anniversaries report (Douglas Blank)
* Better error checking
* Better longitude/lattitude handling, mapping (Benny Malengier, Zolt Foldvari)
* Bug fixes (Don Allingham, Martin Hawlisch, Brian Matherly, Alex Roitman,
  Douglas Blank, Stefan Bjork, Richard Taylor)

Version 2.2.4 -- the "When you're chewing on life's gristle, Don't grumble, give a whistle" release
* Improved handling of readonly files
* Enhanced parsing of longitute and latitude and mapping 
  (Benny Malengier/Zsolt Foldvari)
* Check and repair improvements
* Reference map rebuild tool
* New marker-based filters in the sidebar (Martin)
* Bug fixes

Version 2.2.3 -- the "My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white" release
* Per-database environment directories.
* Editor windows remember their size.
* Improved handling for invalid FTM GEDCOM.
* Reports use only primary events.
* Slovak manual is available (Lubo Vasko).
* Turkish translation added (Mehmet Ugur Kecik).
* Autobackup feature will save data on exit in XML format
* Many edit dialogs now save their last size
* Relationship View enhancements - scrolling and button handling
* Bug fixes

Version 2.2.2 -- the "We interrupt this program to annoy you and make things generally irritating" release
* Reordering for spouses and parents in the Relationships View.
* Performance improvements for the typeahead find in People View.
* Bug fixes.

Version 2.2.1 -- the "One, two, five!" release
* French manual is available (Jerome Rapinat).
* Bug fixes.

Version 2.2.0rc2 -- the "What is your quest?" release
* Bug fixes

Version 2.2.0rc1 -- the "Help, Help! I'm being repressed!" release
* Address has county, Location has street now.
* Improved icons (James Leigh).
* DB transactions are adjusted by the user.
* Drag and Drop improvements.
* Czech relationship calculator (Zdenek Hatas).
* Bug fixes.

Version 2.1.95 -- the "Listen! I can't give it to you now. It says, 'in the event of death'. Uh. Oh! Ah. Ah. Eh." release
* Removal of StartupUp Dialog
* New Media Manager tool.
* Support for attributes in events and event references;
  Support for AGE and AGENCY tags in GEDCOM.
* New Media Manager tool: advanced batch operations on media objects/files
* Verification tool displays disconnected people
* Lots of bug fixes

Version 2.1.91 -- the "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords
is no basis for a system of government" release
* Transaction-protected metadata (Alex)
* DnD fixes (Don)
* Sidebar and custom filters for all object types (Alex)
* Performance optimization (Zsolt)
* New functionality for Fan Chart (Manfred Paulus)
* Filter fixes for person-based rules (Alex)
* Windows compatibility improvements (Brian)
* Custom name display improvements(Zsolt,Alex)
* Report fixes (Brian,Alex)
* Filters support for all object types (Don)
* Bug fixes

Version 2.1.90
* Windows installer (Steve Hall)
* Google maps lookup for places (Don)
* Custom name display formats (Zsolt Foldvari)
* Report fixes (Brian)
* Sidebar filters (Don)
* Support for associations and ASSO gedcom tag (Don)
* Bug fixes

Version 2.1.5
* Table of Contents generation added to several reports and formats (Brian)
* Filter Editor enhanced and working for Person filters (Don)
* Report modules restructured (Alex)
* Bug fixes

Version 2.1.4
* Enhanced Verify tool (Alex)
* Start of index generation for some reports in Open Document files (Brian)
* Report enhancements (Brian)
* Merge added in (Don)
* Shading option to highlight data in Relationship View (Don)
* Bug fixes.

Version 2.1.3
* Add user defined custom types to appropriate menus
* Select Place dialog replaces text entry of places
* Icon improvements
* Improved navigation in Pedigree View
* Fully functional side bar filter
* Bookmarks for all object types saved and loaded (XML)
* Marker colors are adjustable
* Bug fixes

Version 2.1.0 -- the "What are you going to do, bleed on me?" release
* Initial unstable release of 2.1.0.
* Far too many changes to specify. See http://gramps-project.org/whats_new/