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MANIFEST.in    33 lines (30 with data), 735 Bytes

include AUTHORS
include COPYING
include FAQ
include INSTALL
include LICENSE
include MANIFEST.in
include NEWS
include TODO
include TestPlan.txt
recursive-include data *
recursive-include debian *
recursive-include docs *
recursive-include gramps *
recursive-include help *
recursive-include images *
recursive-include mac *
recursive-include po *
recursive-include test *
recursive-include windows *

# Remove files created in the build
exclude data/tips.xml
exclude gramps/gen/const.py
exclude gramps/plugins/lib/holidays.xml
exclude po/.intltool-merge-cache
global-exclude *.pyc
global-exclude *.pyo

# Remove directories which should not be included in the distribution
prune gramps/guiQML
#prune gramps/webapp