2010/4/29 Nick Wallingford <nickw@beekeeping.co.nz>
I've done some testing and config, preparatory to moving the files in
the database into the webhosting filesystem, taking the opportunity to
upgrade our version of Mantis at the same time.

I would appreciate it if a few of you would have a quick look at it to
see if I've missed anything.

Though this system *looks* like our regular bug tracker, be aware that
the database is from last night's backup - and though you are welcome to
test it about as much as you like ***do not*** use it in place of the
existing bugtracker.  When I do the final conversion, this data will be
thrown out, and we'll be using the 'normal'
http://bugs.gramps-project.org data.

The sandbox/new/playtime system for you to test is at

There doesn't appear to be much changed in the new version of Mantis;
I'm mainly just wanting people who use the bug tracker more than I do to
make sure it is functioning in general, and that the changes I've made
to attachments have not broken anything.

I see several much needed usability improvements, like login on different computers and no longer an update advance option, all is in update now.

Looks good. Did not edit data as that would send out mails to users.


Your logins are the same as they would be for the 'real' bugtracker.

If all looks fine, I'll hope to do the changeover tomorrow some time.



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