2009/3/30 Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com>

2009/3/26 Emrys Williams <emrys.williams@eversholt.net>

I'm not clear if I have a bug or just am being rather dense. when I go to define a filter with edit->person filter editor, I hit + to add a new filter, getting the define filter box, then hit + to add a new rule, getting the add rule box, and then... nothing. I have a list of Rule name categories on the left, like "Ancestral Filters", but when I click that, nothing happens, and the box on the right says "Selected Rule" "No Rule Selected". It looks as though clicking "ancestral filters" should expand it into some filter rules, but it doesn't. Is this a bug or am I just clicking the wrong thing? Thanks! Emrys

You have to click the little arrow in front of the filter group names to expand the tree.

I see if we can expand on click easily...

Next version will allow to expand by double click or by pressing enter.
Thanks for this small usability issue.