2009/3/14 Eric Doutreleau <grocanar@gmail.com>

today i was using the geoview and i found it very nice. But i became aware of this thing.
in the object concerning me i have a reference of the event of my birth but i haven't a reference for my marriage.
on my family object i have the reference of this event. Furthermore my family object has a link on me and my wife.
I was wondering if there s a tool which can follow all the family and had the reference of the even marriage ( or divorce ) on the object person of the father and mother of that family .

The Geoview is experimental. Much will change by the next version. In 3.1.x is mostly a proof of concept (icons missing, ....), however the desire is there to make it a real component of GRAMPS.
Some extra hands to work on it would be most appreciated :-)

I'd like to refractor code to make it easier to add queries. From a user point of the most important to experiment with is what is the best data to show. 


if not i guess it would be a nice try for me to begin programming on gramps.

thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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