2009/3/9 Doug <doug_bainbridge@onetel.com>
Stéphane Charette wrote:
> All,
> One of the new features I'm quite familiar with in GRAMPS 3.1.0 is the
> image reference regions.  Those of you also on the gramps-devel
> mailing list are probably already familiar with this as I've e-mailed
> the instructions before.  But now that 3.1.0 has been officially
> released, I wanted to let all gramps-users know how it works.  It
> isn't super-obvious for first-time users, but luckily it is very easy
> to do.
> To see what it looks like, take a look at this web page and move the
> mouse over the image to see what "reference regions" are all about:
> http://charette.no-ip.com:1234/Charette/img/2/9/b23feda1bd9184a2a5e18362492.html
> If you use NarrativeWeb and GRAMPS 3.1.0, this is achieved by
> following the few steps in this How-To:
> http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_create_image_reference_regions
> Once you have reference regions defined, generate the NarrativeWeb
> pages, and you should have the regions in your images.
> Enjoy!
> Stéphane
This is a most beautiful feature, many thanks!
The only thing that would be an improvement I think is some ability to
enlarge the preview for defining the reference regions.
The preview image is *very* small, making it quite tricky to define
regions when there are many people in the image. Viewing the image
enlarged alongside helps but doesn't really solve the problem.
Is that possible?

Do a feature request. I image it is possible to add a zoom button/toggle on the media reference editor, that when clicked shows the preview larger.