2009/3/2 Brian Matherly <brian@gramps-project.org>

> These are getting more and more obscure...  For those of
> you who
> haven't seen it, we have a wiki page that lists all of
> our releases:
> http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Previous_releases
> We really should start thinking about another theme soon.
> Would
> anyone be offended?

As much as I like tradition, I'm not a strong follower of the Monty Python productions. So I wouldn't personally be offended.

I think it would be neat if the release names were somehow related to genealogy. For example, for the 3.0.x series, we could name the releases after each successive member of the Tudor dynasty:
  3.1.0 = Henry VII
  3.1.1 = Henry VIII
  3.1.2 = Edward VI
  3.1.3 = Lady Jane Grey
  3.1.4 = Mary I of England
  3.1.5 = Elizabeth I

There are plenty of famous dynasties to choose from: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynasty

Did I mention I'm a republican (no not of the party)?
Some of these people probably qualify as mass murderers. Not that I am that politically correct, it is history after all, but I would not like to glorify them in any way either.