can you answer the first question of Jason. Do you have a higher quality picture?
I actually also don't know who it is, I suppose somebody related to you.


2009/2/25 Jason Simanek <>
Sorry for the lack of progress on this. The usual full-time job and
freelance project distractions... this is in the back of my mind though.
I have a few questions and ideas:

Who's photo is our 'logo' made with? Would they be willing to supply me
with a higher quality scan of the image? I can either either doctor it
up in the GIMP to look fabulous OR I could create a highly-detailed
vector rendering of the image. The one on the site and the application
is just too fuzzy for my taste. In both cases it looks like it's been

Since we're already using WordPress for the GRAMPS BLOG, I recommend
that we use a unified WordPress site to manage the content of this
proposed main site and the blog. This shouldn't take much convincing
since you've already agreed to allow the blog to be run by WordPress.
This way we will still only have a WordPress site and a WikiMedia site
to manage.

Posting the 'News' on the Wiki-site... is it just me or would it make
more sense to post this data through the new WordPress site instead? As
far as I can tell, we aren't providing a web-feed for the News right
now. All we have is a feed detailing every change to the wiki or at
least the homepage. A developer feed more than a user feed.

Two general site layouts that could be effective for our needs:

(too busy still, but I like the general feeling)

(Nothing special, but the left-panel-download link is very direct)

That's all I got so far, but I think the planning for site structure
will be a big enough discussion and is extremely important.

-Jason Simanek

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