2009/1/26 Theo Tulley <tj.tulley@physics.org>
Benny Malengier wrote:

2009/1/25 Theo Tulley <tj.tulley@physics.org <mailto:tj.tulley@physics.org>>

   I recently selected the privacy option and generated a gedcom
   which I sent to the website:

   It appeared as a file in their software with first names "living"
   for living persons (except one!) and apparently the only other
   significant error was that the name "Sjögren" appeared as "Sjögren".

Please, open the GEDCOM file with a UTF-8 capable editor, and see if sjogren is correct there.
If the GEDCOM is ok, the error is in the website where you upload
If the GEDCOM is not ok, please, open a bug ticket.
Thanks - the error is in the website - I'll let them know.

Note that the error can also be in your browser not being able to display the character set of the html.
In firefox, you can switch that in the view menu.