2009/1/17 derHeinzi <heinzbrinker@yahoo.de>

Resending this message because it hasn't been accepted yet? Don't know why.

I'm quite new to GRAMPS and like the program very much. But I stumbled
across the following:
GRAMPS 3.0.4-1 on Windows XP

Probably a bug?

No, some windows users provide a windows package. GRAMPS is fully cross platform.

For a person I added some notes regarding E-Mails I sent and received during
my research. They included line breaks, the at character and angle brackets.
When generating a website everything looks fine except that the text (mail
address) in angle brackets is omitted. When generating a detailed person
report, the text of the notes is written twice, partly one over the other,
interrupted at a page break and has lost its line breaks in the PDF file.

Try it with the latest version (3.0.4) and if issues, submit a bug report to our bug tracker

Feature request:
When adding old photographs to the data, the position of a person on the
image can be entered in GRAMPS (x-y coordinates). Thats a great feature. But
the information "who is who" is lost in the generated web pages when viewing
the images.
Would it be possible to add Image Maps to images where image coordinates are
given for individual persons? The use of the alt attribute inside the image
maps with the name of the person should lead to tooltips being displayed in
most browsers when the mouse is over the defined area (face).

This is a good idea to deal with this at the moment. Creating sub images would create again quite some extra processing power at generation, and perhaps future javascript can solve this for us on the client side instead.
Using alt for now would be nice, please do a feature request and post back here with the info, I'll forward it to the people working on the website report generator.



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