As has been said recently (but perhaps it was on the devel list):

1/ The descendant tree has a more simple logic, for the full complexity of relationships use the Relationship Graph in conjunction with the powerful graphviz tool and a descendant filter on your database, see our wiki.

2/ If you want more info in the descendant tree format, try out the new third party plugin


2009/1/18 derHeinzi <>

Since no one answered this question yet and I, as a new user of GRAMPS,
stumbled across the same problem, I would like to bring up this matter

sakuno wrote:
> Hello Helpful Types,
> Not having done a Descendant Graph before I find myself at a loss as to
> how to
> help someone.  They want to add spouses and the default doesn't have them.
> That's fine because I figured that adding 's. $s' does the trick.  But
> what
> do you do when there are multiple spouses (spice?) ?  And is there a way
> of
> suppressing the s. if there weren't any spouses?
> --
>  Regards
>       Trevor Rhodes

Currently, in the report of the male line, the children of all spouses of a
man are listed, but only one spouse (not necessarily the mother of the
child, if there is only one child from two marriages!) is named in the graph
when the format $s is given.
Feature requests:
Could there be a comma seperated list of all spouses when the $s format is
And would it be possible to add a placeholder for the birth and death dates
of the spouses as well?

I use the descendants report mainly to hand them to relatives who know more
about their kinship than I do. This makes it easy for them to fill in the
missing and correct the wrong data. They always wonder about this report

Thank you for any comments on this


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