2008/12/15 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>

Den Sunday 14 December 2008 21.42.32 skrev Brian Matherly:

> Peter,


> > 2. src/docgen/PdfDoc.py is not in po/POTFILES.in

> > Any reason for this?


> This looks like a mistake to me. I think it should be removed from

> POTFILES.skip and added to POTFILES.in.


> ~Brian

Checked some further the files in POTFILES.skip:

1. _DocReportDialog.py is listed in both POTFILES.in and POTFILES.skip and

has 8 translatable strings which are included in gramps.pot

2. LdsUtils.py has 2 translatable strings

3. styledtexttagtype.py has 8 translatable strings

4. PdfDoc.py has 2 translatable strings

5. _WinMime.py has 1 translatable string

What's the reason for having files in POTFILES.skip when there are translatable strings in them?

About styledtexttagtype,
it is not unlogical to add a new file to subversion that will have translatable strings, but because you are still working on it, you don't want people to start translating already.
Instead of adding to POTFILES.in, adding to POTFILES.skip gives you a way of notifying about this. Obviously, when finished coding, one should delete from the .skip, and add to the .in
Another reason is for experimental code of which translation at a certain point would only mean work that might be for nothing (eg Mapview, geoview).