2008/12/10 <pierre.belissent@free.fr>
Hello Gramps users,

I am seriously considering to migrate my genealogy from PAF 5.2 (Personnal
Ancestral File) to Gramps (, Windows).
I am looking forward to be able to develop my custom reports.

I noticed some data translation problems from PAF to Gramps (using a GEDCOM
(note: I haven't read all the open issues in the bug tracker yet).

The notes in the multimedia objects are not imported (Gedcom tag OBJE.NOTE).
Remark: A database check/repair immediately after the import raised "500 note
objects were referenced, but not found"

If the form of the GEDCOM is as written here: http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pmcbride/gedcom/55gcch2.htm#MULTIMEDIA_RECORD
then they should be imported.
If not, it is something that should be added. file a bug ticket, or as you seem to know your way around python, subscribe to gramps-devel and collaborate to add it.
As you have notes that are not referenced, I would expect some notes are created, but the link is not added correctly.
Independent Notes is something new in gramps 3.0.x so this might be a regression that nobody caught.

The place data are not completely split into subdivisions.
For example, in my base there are in the format: "street, parish, county, state,
Is there a way to tell to the Gramps import what is the place format in the
Gedcom file ?
I tried to put:
2 FORM Street,Church Parish,City,County,State,Country"
in the HEADER, and then county, state and country are imported but not street
and parish
Then I looked in the code (_GedcomUtils.py, line 75):
   __field_map = {
       'addr'          : gen.lib.Location.set_street,
       'subdivision'   : gen.lib.Location.set_street,
       'addr1'         : gen.lib.Location.set_street,
       'adr1'          : gen.lib.Location.set_street,
       'city'          : gen.lib.Location.set_city,
       'town'          : gen.lib.Location.set_city,
       'village'       : gen.lib.Location.set_city,
       'county'        : gen.lib.Location.set_county,
       'country'       : gen.lib.Location.set_country,
       'state'         : gen.lib.Location.set_state,
       'state/province': gen.lib.Location.set_state,
       'region'        : gen.lib.Location.set_state,
       'province'      : gen.lib.Location.set_state,
       'area code'     : gen.lib.Location.set_postal_code,
==> This seems to be undocumented (even in the source code), and there is
nothing for the parish.

I did not know about this. It would be easy to add
          'parish'  : gen.lib.Location.set_parish,
          'street'  : gen.lib.Location.set_street,
Again, open a bug/feature on the tracker or help us add this.


Is there a way in Gramps to specify a preferred multimedia object for a person ?
My objects are sorted chronologically and the first one is not necessarily the
preferred one.

As stephane says, the first is the preferred at the moment. There is no reason to store things in chronological order if there is no date. If there is a date, then a setting to show it chronologically is possible via programmation and it must not be stored like that.
Having the first picture as the default is the most easy for users to understand on just using the program, as opposed to eg a context menu with an option to set it the default IMHO.

The blanks at the begining of Gedcom CONT fields are not imported.
For example:
1 NOTE this note has 2 bullets:
2 CONT      1. first
2 CONT      2. second
Is imported as:
"this note has 2 bullets:
1. first
2. second"
Instead of:
"this note has 2 bullets:
     1. first
     2. second"

se Gary

The notes in the sources are not imported (Gedcom tag SOUR.NOTE).

Really? It would be amazing if this was missed up to now, but then, most GRAMPS devels don't use GEDCOM on import (as their data is in GRAMPS).

Note: There are many other issues due to the PAF Gedcom non-compliances.

I would expect that :-)

- You have been very courageous to read until here.
- Is the Gedcom import the right way to proceed ? Are there workarounds ?

Yes. PAF generates it and GRAMPS reads it. You do loose things specific to the applications by using GEDCOM but there is not much that can be done about that.
You can clean up things a bit.
For example, the third party plugin tool PlaceCompletion (see the wiki) can fix all your places and add latitude/longitude, so don't worry about the places too much. So best to focus on the missing notes, you don't want to miss those.