this bug list is mostly for automaticly generated bugs, not many people keep an eye on it.
What you indicate is a 'feature', if no death date is known, the interface/some reports show the burial date instead, but this should be visually indicated. This visual indication is normally showing the date in italics instead of normal font, and changing the label (if present) from death to burial.

If you have a screen where the above is not consequently applied, please post a bug on the bug tracker: http://bugs.gramps-project.org/my_view_page.php
with a good description.

The birth date shown being replaced by the baptize is the same thing. In old records only baptize is given, and the interface tries to show maximum information by replacing birth by baptize.
Note that you can add calculated and estimated dates, so if only burial is known, you could nevertheless add a death event with a calculated, estimated or ranged date (should you be so inclined).


2008/6/26 <ropework@shaw.ca>:


       GRAMPS  3.0.1-1  English

       Ubuntu 8.04  AMD64

       I added a burial date to an entry that previously had no information, when I returned to the "Relationships" screen this person was displayed as having died with the date information I had listed under burial...it takes time to get 'em in the ground!

       The same thing happened with another entry where I listed a christening with date (this was the only entry), on the "Relationships" screen it was displayed as the birth date...


Terry Ridings <ropework@shaw.ca>
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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