2008/6/22 Gary Burton <bury_lancs@yahoo.co.uk>:
>Do people think this might be a generally good idea to start pursuing for >the next major release, or is the file structure "good enough" for now?

Sounds OK to me as the existing file structure is getting a bit of a mess. Don started some reorganisation work but only took it as far as creating src/gen. There's new stuff like gramplets that have come along since which have just been thrown into plugins, which by itself, could do with a tidy up.

The suggested file structure is a move in the right direction to help partition the application into backend and frontend functionality.

Stephane highlights one major disadvantage - ease of merging changes between trunk and branch.

No large things are happening in trunk at the moment, now that Zsolt has finished with note markup, yes?
So perhaps, this could be done, then trunk released as 3.1.0. Like that the problem of branch/trunk being to different is alleviated.

On the other hand, some people might want to do some hacking during the summer holidays (still unlikely in my case), and if trunk becomes 3.1.0 in september or so, the brach 31 must be created not to late in the holidays.


I've added some initial comments to the Talk page on thw wiki.



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